Monday, January 16, 2012

BatteryMINDer 12 Volt 2/4/8 Amp Wet/Gel/AGM Battery Charger

Price: $108.55 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.

Product Description

12-Volt 2, 4, or 8 Amp Charger-Maintainer-Desulphator-Conditioner Model 12248 is a 3-stage Constant Current - Constant voltage - Float mode charger -maintainer-desulphator (conditioner) that extends both the performance and life of all type / size/ brands of 12-Volt batteries.  These include all maintenance-free, marine-RV deep cycle, Gel, AGM dry types, as well as spiral wound constructed sealed types such as Optima, Odyssey, Exide, Interstate brands. Push-button selector for AGM, Gel and Flooded (filler caps) types ensures 100% compliance with all leading battery manufacturer's specifications. FREE battery condition indicator (1.95 retail value) , with instant pushbutton LED read-out, when you register your warranty on the manufacturer's web site. Simple connection to any type 12 volt battery. Battery Condition Indicator Model 12103 Also free with every purchase: The VDC ABS-248 Temperature Sensor (a 9.95 value). Included with every package! The BatteryMINDer automatically dissolves power-robbing sulphation crystals using safe, low voltage, high frequency U.S. Patented pulse technology This unit comes with clips, round eyelets only. No cigarette adapter plug. Features: Input: 115VAC Safely charges 70% - 200% faster than any/all known conventional constant voltage chargers.

Customer Reviews

I own two of these (I have an electric vehicle), and am meaning to get a third. I am not aware of another charger in this price range that is temperature compensated. My chargers have worked well for two years with much use. The little support I needed from the company (advice), was answered by a highly qualified person. So far I would say these are very good quality chargers.
As for the "desulfating" and "pulse", I don't know. I am not sure these things are real issue/real solution in charging. Might be, might be hype and misunderstanding. However, reliability, appropriate charging algorithms, temperature compensation - these things matter, and this charger does the job.

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